We build websites, design brands, and create visual communications for independent businesses. We help our clients shine with intelligent, clear, attractive design.

Our design philosophy is to find simplicity and clarity in the complex, and make sure it looks good. How can we apply our philosophy to grow your business? Let’s chat to see how we can help.


Our Process

How do we get you your results? We’ve developed these tried-and-true steps to deliver successful projects.

1. Connect

We chat with you about your business, your immediate and long-term goals, timeframe, and budget. At this step, we see if we are a good fit for your project, and we discuss how we can help.

2. Define

We prepare a scope of work and project agreement. It defines the project and its deliverables, with details on the cost, time, and any other resources needed for its successful completion. This helps keep everyone on track.

3. Research

We dig deep by learning all we can about your company. We research your industry, customers, and competitors, then craft an appropriate strategy for your project’s success.

4. Design + develop

Armed with the information we’ve gathered during our research, with heavy doses of design and technical expertise, we design your project and develop prototypes.

5. Feedback + refine

We present our work to you, you give us feedback, and we refine. This is typically achieved in three rounds or less, but we will rinse and repeat until your project shines.

6. Deliver + launch

We implement the final product, whether it’s launching your website, posting your social media ad campaign, or getting your business cards printed.

What next?

We believe every project is a work in progress, no matter how successful it is. The design and development process continues beyond launch with further refinement based on analysis and feedback. For this reason, we value long-term relationships with our clients to achieve the best possible results for their branding, web, and design projects.

Our Story

September People co-founders Victorio Balatico and Linda Uehara met many years ago (during the 90s!), playing in bands in Oahu’s underground music scene.

We moved to San Francisco (Vic for school and Linda for work) and started a band with some friends. We performed around the Bay Area in rec centers, dive bars, and backyard parties.

As any indie band needs album covers and gig posters, we started collaborating on these little projects. We also made animated videos and weird websites to promote our music. That's what we think of as the start of September People.

Fast forward to today. You can find us in our home base of Highland Park in Los Angeles, where we build custom websites, design brands, and create graphics for our clients.

Props, shout-outs and love

September People was able to highlight my artwork in a design that was straightforward and easy to navigate. I also wanted to communicate more about myself as an artist and where my artwork could be seen at future shows. They offered multiple high quality solutions and were able to build a custom site that met my needs and elevated my business presence online.

Rob Nehring
Owner and Artist, Rusty Noodle Studios