Eel Pop

Eel Pop is a new pop culture company and online store. Starting with the name, which is an anagram of the word “people” – an oblique reference to Eel Pop’s parent company, September People – we designed a complete brand identity including a logo, website, print and social media marketing pieces, packaging, stickers, rubber stamps, and enamel pins. Probably the most fun part of this project was the stealthy lifestyle photoshoot we did (in rabbit masks) with our photographer friend, Terrance Wong, in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

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  • What we did
  • Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, e-Commerce, Open Cart, Copywriting, Packaging, Social Media Marketing, Product Photography, Enamel Pin Design
  • Lifestyle Photography by Terrance Wong
Eel Pop animated black and gray logo


Eel Pop’s logo

What does an eel-like logo inspired by pop culture look like? We drew upon our ideas of kitsch and whimsy to design a curvy, striped, pulsating logo.

Eel Pop’s online shop

We developed an Open Cart e-commerce website featuring photos of our misanthropic mascot rabbits.

Eel Pop Open Cart e-commerce website design

Eel Pop Rubber Stamps

Customizable and budget-friendly packaging

Rubber stamps lend a personal touch to Eel Pop’s recyclable packaging.

Lucky enamel pin lifestyle photo

A lucky day

Taken from our lifestyle photoshoot, a wistful rabbit wears a blue + silver Lucky pin as the sun sets in Chinatown. This image was used for a social media contest for an enamel pin giveaway.

The Caretaker enamel pin product photo

The Caretaker

Product photo of Eel Pop’s creepy enamel pin, The Caretaker, inspired by Jack Nicholson’s role as Jack Torrance in The Shining.

Black and gold lucky rabbit's foot pin on illustrated backing card
Back of enamel pin with Eel Pop’s branding (backstamp) and rubber clasp

Good luck charm

Product photos: the black + gold Lucky enamel pin attached to its illustrated card (left), and the back of the pin with Eel Pop’s branding (right).

Eel Pop circle vinyl stickers
Eel Pop lifestyle photo

Stickers galore

We designed limited edition vinyl stickers to be given away with Eel Pop’s first 100 orders.